• Clasic Jidvei Feteasca Regala

Clasic Jidvei Feteasca Regala

Clasic Jidvei Feteasca Regala

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The variety was first identified during the 1920, right on the Târnave vineyard. At the time, the vintners assumed that it was the result of natural hybridization between Feteasca Albă and Grasă. It is here that this variety finds its origins, on a surface of 500 hectares.

After 1920, the variety was multiplied by Gaspari in Daneș, near Sighișoara, and in 1928 it got the name of Fetească Regală. In time, it was also called Fetească de Ardeal, Dănăşană or Dăneşană.

It is an easily adaptable variety, self-fertile and extremely productive. Feteasca Regală accumulates moderate quantities of sugar, very fine wines being obtained from this variety, usually dry and off-dry wines, neutral, characterized by balance and freshness.