• Sobieski Vodka 1 Liter

Sobieski Vodka 1 Liter

Sobieski Vodka 1 Liter

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Sobieski Vodka  

Sobieski represents a careful blend of authenticity and modernity that enables us to meet the strict requirements of the Polish Product Origin Control System. In other words, making vodka in Poland, of Poland, is what’s required to call Sobieski true Polish Vodka. Or as you’d say it in Gdansk, Wódka Polska.

More isn’t always better. Repeated distillation doesn’t make a bad vodka good or a good vodka great.  Our vodka is distilled once, in a process called continuous distillation, to arrive at its pure, smooth taste. Now of course, we could distill it another 3 or 5 times, but it wouldn’t taste any better.

Yes, it’s true - the birthplace of vodka can be found in Poland dating back to the early Middle Ages. And vodka (Polish: wódka), is not only the official national drink of Poland, it is the centerpiece of Polish life, enjoyed at most every celebration and occasion. In fact, in this land where vodka began, Sobieski is the number one premium vodka.

-From the producer