• Jack Daniels Old No.7

Jack Daniels Old No.7

Jack Daniels Old No.7

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Jack Daniels Old No.7 

We all know age isn’t the same thing as maturity. It’s true of people and it’s true of whiskey.

Experience determines maturity. It’s what a whiskey experiences while inside the barrel and not simply how long it’s been there that gives it the rich color, character, and taste that we call mature. Mellowing our whiskey through ten feet of sugar maple charcoal, crafting our own barrels, and placement in the barrelhouse—each contributes to how our whiskey matures. Age by itself isn’t a reliable measure of a whiskey’s quality and character. Which is why our tasters tell us when the whiskey is ready. We judge its quality the same way you do – with a sip.

An important part of making our quality whiskey is making a quality barrel.

That’s why we devote the same care and attention to barrel making as we do to making Jack Daniel’s itself. We start by selecting the very best white oak for the barrel staves. Our craftsmen fit the staves together by hand, then carefully toast and char the inside of the barrel to caramelize the wood’s natural sugars. It’s from the toasted oak that the whiskey draws its rich amber color, distinctive flavor, and finish. We entrust our whiskey only to new white oak. The barrel’s quality is so important to us that we’re the only distiller who goes to the extra effort and expense to craft our own.

There are many legends about Old No. 7.

One story says that it was the railroad shipping number on a barrel. We’ll never know for sure – Mr. Jack took that secret to the grave. Read other legends in Jack Daniel and Distillery.

-From the producer