• Kurokame Honkaku Shochu

Kurokame Honkaku Shochu

Kurokame Honkaku Shochu

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Kurokame Honkaku Shochu - 50 proof, 25%ABV - 750ml

Kurokame is a surprising imo shochu made with “purple” Satsuma sweet potatoes. These potatoes have a robust reddish purple skin, but are a pale yellow inside. It is distilled traditionally in earthen pots (kame) using black koji (kuro koji) – thus the name, Kurokame – or black stone pot.

Kurokame has a surprisingly neutral nose. Imos tend to smell like fresh dirt in a good way. This imo smells more subtle – almost a roasted essence. The initial palate is spicy with a rich sweetness. And then the roast hits – a roasted wheat flavor. The roast holds along with a hint of sweet spiciness throughout the finish.

This is a delicious imo shochu. It’s difficult to decide whether we prefer it neat, cut with water (hot or cold), or on the rocks. Highly Recommended