• Clairin Sajous Rum

Clairin Sajous Rum

Clairin Sajous Rum

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Clairin Sajous is produced at Distillerie Chelo, owned by Michel Sajous in the countryside of Saint-Michel-de-l’Attalaye, about four hours north of Port au Prince.

Distillerie Chelo is a small, well-organised distillery which produces Clairin from Canne Cristalline, an old heritage variety of burgundy cane with incredible aromatic complexity. Michel’s harvest season typically runs between December and August, where they cut the cane fields by hand, using machete and ferments the juice spontaneously with the ambient yeast of his land.

Clairin Sajous is a fine example of Clairin from Northern Haiti – Saint-Michel-de-l’Attalaye is often considered to be the grand cru of Clairin. Clairin Sajous shows fine aromatics with compelling notes of bright citrus and grassy botanicals. Clairin Sajous is represented by the painting of the famous Port-au-Prince based artist, Simeon Michel.

55.2% ABV - 110.4 Proof