• Gorki List Liqueur 1L

Gorki List Liqueur 1L

Gorki List Liqueur 1L

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Gorki List is a flavored bitter liqueur with a tradition of more than half a century.

Produced from 1961, it is made from plant extracts, carefully selected herbs and wormwood – as a base, gives it a distinctive flavored color and slight bitterness.

As a unique combination of extracts of 27 species of plants, you can drink Gorki List before a meal as an excellent aperitif which stimulates the appetite and improves the mood, and after meals as a digestive unique.

The essence of the authentic aroma of this herbal liqueur is a complete harmony of opposites, a unique harmony of bitter and sweet, which is particulary evident if you drink from a specially designed glasses, chilled with a slice of lemon or orange. Gorki List is the right choice for the beginning and the end of a gastronomic delight and for every time that you dedicate for yourself, and others…. Alc. 28%.