• DOM Benedictine B & B Liqueur

DOM Benedictine B & B Liqueur

DOM Benedictine B & B Liqueur

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From the moment it was created Bénédictine® met with worldwide success, even as far afield as the United States. In the 1930s, during Prohibition in the United States, a barman at Club 21 in Manhattan came up with the idea of mixing brandy with the Bénédictine® liqueur.

The drink rapidly became famous under the name of B&B (Bénédictine® & Brandy), to the extent that, in 1937, it was decided to produce B&B at the Palais. Nevertheless, a slight improvement was made to the original recipe because now it is cognac and not brandy that is added to the Bénédictine. The cognac is added during the final blending operation before the last four months of ageing.

This harmonious marriage of cognac and Bénédictine® gives B&B remarkable lightness and a mouth-watering mellow softness.

-From the producer