• Bols Creme de Banana 1 Liter

Bols Creme de Banana 1 Liter

Bols Creme de Banana 1 Liter

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Bols Creme de Banana

BOLS Banana is one of the best-selling banana liqueurs with the colour of real sun-ripened bananas. Its taste is that of bananas enhanced by a touch of soft vanilla and a hint of almonds. Because Bols Banana uses high quality banana flavour and is based on a rum distillate, it is extremely mixable and the only real choice for professional bartenders, especially those making tropical drinks. Banana drinks led the frozen drinks revolution of the 1970s and 1980s, and Bols Banana is tremendously popular in frozen Daiquiris, Rum Runners, Banana Banshees and many more. Bols Banana works especially well in drinks containing juices, cream or ice-cream.

Ripe bananas with soft vanilla and hints of almonds.

A strong bouquet of ripe bananas.

Bright yellow.

Straight, on the rocks, excellent in cocktails, specially frozen, and mixed drinks.

-From the producer