• Distilleria Caffo Limoncino dell'Isola

Distilleria Caffo Limoncino dell'Isola

Distilleria Caffo Limoncino dell'Isola

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Caffo Limoncino is a traditional limoncello produced by the Fratelli Caffo Distillery in Limbadi, Italy, in strict accordance with the time-honored traditions of Calabria. As opposed to the famed Limoncello of the Amalfi Coast, Limoncino is produced with small Calabrian lemons that truly pack a punch.

The flavor and color are 100% natural—Caffo Limoncino does not glow with an artificial neon yellow color, but instead has the natural hue of freshly squeezed lemonade and the pithy nature of real lemons. Freshly sliced lemon greets the nose along with subtle aromas reminiscent of juniper. The palate is oily but sprightly, displaying pure lemon through and through with a faintly honeyed finish. Traditionally served chilled, try this versatile liqueur neat, over ice, with soda water, or in cocktails!

30% ABV - 60 Proof