• Uncle Vals Restorative Gin

Uncle Vals Restorative Gin

Uncle Vals Restorative Gin

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While Uncle Val's Botanical Gin is crafted from a botanical bill composed of five ingredients (juniper, lemon, sage, lavender and cucumber), Uncle Val's Restorative Gin uses only four botanicals: juniper, coriander, cucumber and rose petals. Sebastiani uses immersion bags (think big tea bags) in order to infuse the gin with the flavors from the botanicals. The immersion bags are steeped in the gin for several hours, although some remain in the gin longer in order to impart a heavier aroma and flavor.
The juniper adds a hint of spice to the gin, which is complemented by the cooling effect of the cucumber and assertive touches of coriander. The rose petals contribute a silky texture, and have a calming, soothing effect. After the gin is distilled five times over, Sebastiani's team filters it using carbon and lava rock (or pumice), which has a porous density that's perfect for filtering gin. Then, the gin is brought to proof using naturally sweet spring water from the Cascade Mountains before being bottled and labeled by hand.