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Aviation Gin

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Aviation Gin 

Aviation Gin uses only the purest 100% Neutral Grain Spirits and botanicals sourced exclusively for us, by our friends at the Oregon Spice Company, who have covered the globe finding us the high quality botanicals we need to constantly re-create our little attempt at Mother’s Ruin.

As with baking and making great cocktails, the quality of a gin, is greatly dependent upon the exactitude of measurement and recipe recreation to insure the most consistent spirit possible.

Once the botanicals have been tested for quality and properly measured, the botanical blend is added to a specially made cloth sack and carefully placed in a large steel container containing our 100% grain neutral spirit. In essence, we are making a very strong and extremely full flavored tea.

After soaking for period of 48 hours, the infused spirit is carefully pumped into our 400 gallon steel still where steam jackets will heat the fluid up to nearly173 degrees, at which point the gin will begin to evaporate separating itself from all other fluid components.

Alcohol evaporates at 173 degrees while water reaches its evaporation point at 212 degrees, but not all of the alcohol captured between those two points is fit for the bottle. In a meticulous and constantly monitored process, the first fluid leaving the still, known as the heads, is carefully removed revealing what is known as the “heart of the spirit”, the only portion good enough to cross the palate. Nearing the end of the distillation cycle, the fluid, now known as the tails, becomes dilute and is carefully redirected as the process reaches its completion.

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