Flores Zuta Osa Superior Slivovitz Plum Brandy

Flores Zuta Osa Superior Slivovitz Plum Brandy

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Zuta Osa, “Yellow Wasp”, is a premium brand of plum brandy, prepared and aged according to traditional distilling recipes passed from father to son in "master distiller" families of Southeastern Europe over hundreds of years. From the earliest of times in villages of Shumadia a yellow wasp stands as a symbol of fruitful ripeness, vivaciousness, purity and stylishness. In this past decade a Shumadian peasant has added to the yellow wasp a sign of its natural origin. It should be consumed as an aperitif and digestive liquor for special occasions as this is surely merited by its tradition and quality.


Aged 8 years in oak barrel, Zuta Osa Superior is smoother and more complex version than the regular Zuta Osa, this one is very well-bred "Yellow Wasp". Very well balanced sugar and acids, extremely empha- sized aroma. Optimized density. No artificial colour or distilling, completely natural, just as it was decades ago. Amazing brandy worthy of a great Cognac!!!