• Destilerija Zaric Povlenka Slivovitz

Destilerija Zaric Povlenka Slivovitz

Destilerija Zaric Povlenka Slivovitz

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"Povlenka" (Coming from the Mountain of Povlen)

Plum-baked brandy having the name of the area it originates from, connects the old Serbian tradition and modern technology in a quality brandy. "Povlenka" brandy is produced from ripe fruits of the plum cultivars “Trnovača”, “Požegača” and “Crvena rankea” using the latest technology and the traditional manner of baking in a copper boiler.

This brandy is produced from fully ripe plum fruits cultivated in the sunny slopes of the hills in the vicinity of Kosjerić, the area having a long fruit growing tradition due to optimal climate.

Our "Povlenka" keeps the fruit flavour and characteristic fragrance of "Trnovača”, “Požegača” and “Crvena ranka” cultivars fruits due to special, original technology resembling the old baking processes. Its unique flavour is achieved by finished brandy aging in oak barrels, resulting in a harmony of rich fragrances and flavours and colouring brandy in a dark gold colour.