• Destilerija Zaric Opsesija Raspberry Brandy

Destilerija Zaric Opsesija Raspberry Brandy

Destilerija Zaric Opsesija Raspberry Brandy

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"Opsesija" (Obsession). This is an excellent and luxurious top quality brandy made of ripe and healthy raspberry fruits. A characteristic recipe, careful selection of fruits and special fermentation and distillation procedures to preserve a characteristic flavour of this fruit make this brandy unique.

Twenty kilograms of carefully selected raspberry fruits is needed for the production of one litre of this exclusive brandy. A sensitive fruit, resistant to classical baking process, does not lose its characteristic flavour due to our special technology which carefully emphasizes it. Thermal processing isolates and preserves the flavour so that the produced brandy should not be coloured, and to keep the characteristic fragrance and flavour of perfect fresh fruits in total.

In the final result, our bottle with the name that makes the impression to the senses, "Obsession” expands the classical idea of understanding brandy.

"Obsession" is colourless and crystal-clear. The fragrance brings full and tender, well developed smell of raspberry. The flavour is impressive, with a sophisticated, harmonious and long-lasting final touch. It is served at room temperature or cooled down to cellar temperature at maximum and no less than 15 degrees. It is usually served as aperitif, and it may be served at the end of a meal, with fruits and desserts. It has been used as a base of different refreshment cocktails recently.