• Dartigalongue Armagnac Hors d'Age

Dartigalongue Armagnac Hors d'Age

Dartigalongue Armagnac Hors d'Age

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The oldest house in Armagnac, the Dartigalongue family began to distill in 1813. They take pride in maintaining the family traditions of service and quality and living up to the family motto of "My Armagnac, my strength". It was in 1838 during the reign of Louis Phillipe that Pascal Dartigalongue (originally from Saint Lannes near Madiran) moved to Nogaro in the Gers and founded his Maison d’Armagnac. He very quickly realized that Armagnac could be a successful export product. Despite many difficulties he managed to send oak casks of Armagnac to Bayonne where they would be shipped to Holland and England.

Hors d'Age in Armagnac has to be aged for a minimum of 10 years. Dartigalongue ages its Hors d'Age for 15 years.
Deep amber color, scents of baked apple, butter and black oak. The mouth is vibrant and generous, featuring baked apples, oak, some toffee and vanilla with hints of tobacco toward the end. The finish is long, fat and silky.