• Tevza Goruli Mtsvane 2020

Tevza Goruli Mtsvane 2020

Tevza Goruli Mtsvane 2020

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Made from 100% Goruli Mtsvane grapes grown in Kartli region, from the village Mukhrani, from 11-year-old manually-treated vineyards.

Grapes are handpicked at optimalripeness and gently transported from 14-year-old vineyards (40km distance) to Tevza Winery and directly crushed into qvevri. Wild fermentation starts at the room temperature. Spontaneous fermentation stops when wine is dry, which is followed with natural MLF fermentation. After analyzing and tasting the wine we fill up each individual Qvevris from the reserved lots of the same wines. Maceration and skin contact between 3 to 5 months.

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