• Cupcake Riesling

Cupcake Riesling

Cupcake Riesling

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Cupcake Riesling

Mosel Valley, Germany

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes:
“Our Riesling starts off with a nose that shows hints of ripe honeydew and lemon chiffon. It fills the palate with the flavors of creamy lemons, bright citrus fruits and just a hint of sweetness. Broad and full-bodied, it finishes with a zesty thirst quaffing zing that leaves the imbiber wanting another glass. It is reminiscent of a lemon cream cupcake.”

Food Pairing Recommendations:
Enjoy with grilled halibut, Indian butter chicken, or simply as an aperitif.

Winemaking Notes:
The vines of the Mosel Valley were planted on nearly vertical fields that run down to the Mosel River itself. These vines were trained in heart shapes leaving the walls of the river valley covered with green hearts. Due to the steep inclines, all the grapes are hand- picked. When the grapes arrived at the crush pad, they were de-stemmed and gently pressed before undergoing a cool, slow fermentation with a Riesling specific yeast to accentuate the delicate flavors on this wine. The wine was then aged sur lie and stirred regularly for up to two months. This stirring process helped round out the body of the wine and creates the soft creamy notes that make this wine indisputably Cupcake.

-From the producer