• Cremisan Dabouki White Wine

Cremisan Dabouki White Wine

Cremisan Dabouki White Wine

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Grown mostly in the area around Bethlehem and Hebron in Palestinian territories, the vineyards are located at 2600 ft of altitude. This cooler micro-climate ensures longer hang-times, more controlled ripening and an overall better structure of acids/sugars in the grapes. Apricot, hints of tropical fruit and wet stone lead the way on the subtle and delicate nose. Ripe green apple, apricot, pear, and  green herbs on the palate, fading into lime skin and anise. Medium in body, finishing round and clean.  Subtler on the nose, yet heavier and more viscous on the palate than the Cremisan Hamdani. Assorted cheeses, from soft Brie through to hard mature cheddar.