• Bagrationi Royal Cuvee

Bagrationi Royal Cuvee

Bagrationi Royal Cuvee

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Bagrationi Royal Cuvee

Traditional Georgian sparkling wine produced from the grapes of the classic Chinebuli vines.

Winemaker Notes:
Fresh and lively fragrance of citrus fruits. Fine, threadlike bubbles. Good body, noteworthy acidic interplay.  The taste is fruity with a dry finish. Superior quality.

Grape Variety:
Grown in eastern Georgia, the Chinebuli grape clusters are big, cylindrical, thin-skinned berries with a fleshy and juicy pulp. Chinebuli grapes are typically used to produce “Chinuri” type premium wines, and are very often blended for the making of premium white sparkling wines such as the Bagrationi 1882 Royal Cuvée. The Chinebuli grape is unique to the country of Georgia.

Vineyards are located in the Kartli region.

Traditional (also known as Méthode Champenoise).

-From the producer

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