• Cupcake Malbec

Cupcake Malbec

Cupcake Malbec

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Cupcake Malbec 

Vineyard Notes:

Mendoza is located on the Eastern Foothills of the Andes mountains, under the shadow of the America’s largest peak, Mount Aconcagua (23,000 ft). The terrain is on a high plateau (2,000 – 3,500 ft above sea level) and is relatively dry with approximately 8 inches of rain per year. The vineyard situated on deep stony alluvial soils and is irrigated through an elaborate system of aqueducts that channel run off from the Andes down to the farms that encircle Mendoza. This allows the grape to fully ripen into a dark intense flavor.

Food Pairing:

It pairs well with Argentina’s national plate – Steak, a mushroom and bacon salad, or even your favorite chili recipe.

-From the producer