• Pinnacle Cake Vodka

Pinnacle Cake Vodka

Pinnacle Cake Vodka

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Pinnacle Cake Vodka

Distillation & Rectification
Pinnacle is made with a traditional and ancestral recipe, but produced with modern equipment in the Distillerie de la Tour. It starts from the finest wheat grain from the Brie region of France crushed up and heated to convert the starches into fermentable sugars. It is then fermented to produce what is known as a wash. Next, the mixture is quadruple distilled producing a high-proof spirit. Distillation is the process of obtaining a high-alcohol mixture from the wash; rectification is the process of removing undesirable components such as methanol from this distillate. This is done with a simple pot still by discarding the first and last parts of the distillate produced. This complex process ensures the highest quality and purity.

Filtration & Purification
The distillate is then filtered through charcoal, which is far superior than other methods used. The spirit, after purification, is at 190 proof. It is then diluted to 80 proof by adding exceptionally clean, naturally filtered water from the soil of the Northern region of France.

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