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Nemiroff Vodka

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Nemiroff Vodka 

A stylish, truly masculine vodka with a bright personality and a sense of dignity. Discover the unusual flavour of this vodka, feel its distinctive self-assertive taste, appreciate its complete and bold composition that includes caraway and honey. In selection of the caraway seeds special attention is given to the correct drying process to preserve their natural colour and flavour. When we select honey (giving preference to light-coloured varieties), we take into consideration all factors from its taste properties to even the location of the apiary.

One of the first special vodkas, independently developed by specialists of Nemiroff Company, the Nemiroff Original was launched on the market in September, 1999.  Later because of its elegant black label consumers started calling this vodka «the Black Nemiroff».

The overwhelming popularity of the Nemiroff Original determined the wide range of bottles it sells in – from the 0.05l «minion» bottle to the carafe containing 1.75l. And it's not surprising that Nemiroff Original is a component of different gift sets which are always a welcome souvenir for those you care about. This masculine vodka can often be seen at bars in different countries from Australia to the Netherlands. At present, Nemiroff Original is exported to 28 countries of the world.

The lasting aftertaste of Nemiroff Original emphasizes the noble origin of this vodka, which serves as a great aperitif when chilled, or can be the perfect basis for any cocktail.

-From the producer