• Jewel of Russia Vodka 1 Liter

Jewel of Russia Vodka 1 Liter

Jewel of Russia Vodka 1 Liter

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Jewel of Russia Vodka 

This exquisite vodka has an authentic Russian taste while delivering unparalleled smoothness because of a special five-step slow-flow filtration process. Only the finest Russian hard winter wheat and rye, and pure deep-well artesian water are used in creating this full-bodied premium Russian vodka. Centuries-old Russian recipes are followed to insure the authenticity of this "Drink of the Czars".

No wonder The Jewel of Russia products are rated so highly by many experts. Their comments include "Exceptional" and "Classy Stuff!" along with ratings in the 90's.

Classic Vodka makes a superb martini. One critic said that this vodka literally "begs for an olive or two". Because the vodka is so smooth and has its own flavor and character, it just needs to be chilled and served pristine in a martini glass. Drinking it this way, you'll really feel that you have found a true "Jewel of Russia".

The Jewel of Russia, "Classic" Vodka 40% Alc.by Vol.(80 Proof). 100% neutral spirits distilled from grain.

-From the producer