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Founding Spirits Vodka

Founding Spirits Vodka

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Founding Spirits Vodka, 40% A.B.V. - 80 Proof

Made with the purest ingredients in the heart of DC by Jon Arroyo and his team, we distill our Vodka with the aristocrat of wheat, Dark Northern Spring, more commonly known as Hard Red Spring Wheat. Harvested on the Watne’s family farm in North Dakota, this specific grain is a trademark of excellence in the world of wheat due to its high-protein and high-quality. Mark, Michelle, and their family are fourth-generation wheat, corn, barley, and soybean farmers; while Mark also serves as president of North Dakota Farmers Union. In addition to the ND wheat, the two other key components, rye and barley, are harvested by Billy Dawson of Bay’s Best Feed in Heathsville, VA.