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Ciroc Coconut Vodka

Ciroc Coconut Vodka

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 Ciroc Coconut Vodka

CÎROC® Ultra-Premium celebrates the uncommon on every level; from the uniqueness of its grape composition, to the innovative cold fermentation and maceration techniques, CÎROC® has subtle aromatics and a smooth, naturally refined taste.

The name “CÎROC®” comes from the combination of two French words: Cime, meaning peak or summit-top and Roche, meaning rock. Its name references the high-altitude vineyards where the Mauzac Blanc grapes are grown, and the stony village walls of the famous medieval Cordes-sur-Ciel, which look onto the vineyards.

CÎROC® Ultra-Premium is one of the world’s only vodkas made entirely from grapes. CÎROC® is made from top quality "snap frost" grapes; Mauzac Blanc grapes grown in Gaillac, one of the oldest and highest vineyard areas in France. Why Grapes? Historically, vodka has been made from natural and local source of fermentable sugars and starches. But CÎROC® is an innovation in French craftsmanship, and creates an unexpected vodka experience in a category where being different is rare. Unlike grain, grapes don’t need heat to release their sugars, so CÎROC® uses cold maceration, cold fermentation, and cold storage processes. Until now, only top fine wine producers practiced this process. This technique further preserves its distinctive freshness and extracts a more flavorful combination of the fruit character.

The CÎROC® fermentation process lasts for two weeks to ensure the best possible flavor. While all vodka is distilled, CÎROC® Ultra-Premium is distilled five times. The Mauzac Blanc ‘heart’ is distilled four times before being blended with the Ugni Blanc grape spirit from Cognac, which is also then distilled four times. The fifth and final distillation takes place in a beautiful, family owned distillery deep in the Cognac countryside. It is here that CÎROC® is truly created - in a traditional, custom-made, Armagnac style copper pot, just like they’ve done from the beginning. The pot distillation lends CÎROC® Ultra-Premium Vodka its amazingly smooth texture.

-From the producer