• PM Spirits Tequila Blanco

PM Spirits Tequila Blanco

PM Spirits Tequila Blanco

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Distilled at NOM 1468, Grupo Tequilero Mexico 
Single Horno 2021-01
40% Alc/Vol - 80 Proof

Type of Agave: Blue Weber
Average Age: 6 yr
Ripeness: 35 Brix Average
Height of Jima: 2.5cm
Oven: 30 Tons
Cooking Time: 40 hrs

Type of Still: Copper Pot
Number of Distillations: 2
First Distillation: 8 hrs
Second Distillation: 16 hrs
Distilled to 55% alc./vol.
Bottled at 40% alc./vol. Using Demineralized Water
Additives: None

This Tequila is the product of one single oven, or horno. It was distilled from 100% estate grown Blue Weber Agave.