• Mizu Sakura Cask Shochu

Mizu Sakura Cask Shochu

Mizu Sakura Cask Shochu

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For a thousand years, the sakura or ‘cherry blossom’ has stood as the national symbol of Japan – a cultural centerpiece of poetry, philosophy, artistry, and even revelry. Inspired by these iconic blooms and our centuries-old tradition of celebrating merrily beneath the cherry trees, we introduce our first barrel-finished expression, aged exclusively in native yamazakura ‘wild mountain cherry’ casks.

Handcrafted in the traditional way, Mizu ‘Sakura Cask’ Shochu is singled distilled from locally farmed Saga barley and black koji rice, then finished for at least 9 months in medium-char, yamazakura casks produced by famed cooperage, Ariake Sangyo. The resulting kiss of the sakura is a pale-golden color, presenting a harmony of spring blossoms, orchard fruits, and a touch of smoke.