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Johnnie Walker Green

Johnnie Walker Green

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Johnnie Walker Green  

A fresh and distinctive flavor. Created by blending the finest of single malt whiskies, each one specially selected for the intensity of its flavors and aromas.


Johnnie Walker Green Label is a rich blend using only malts drawn from the four corners of Scotland – the naturally vibrant flavors provide unparalleled depth, substance and intensity. Each of the malts is specially selected by the Master Blender to create the perfect balance in the whisky.

Each malt whisky is matured for a minimum of 15 years to deliver rich, full layers of flavor. Coupled with the blending mastery of Johnnie Walker, it ensures the characteristic smoothness and distinctive flavor of Green Label.


Four signature malts provide the key taste influences for this 15-year-old whisky. Talisker™ introduces power and depth of character, Caol Ila™ contributes mystery and intensity and, at its heart, Cragganmore™ provides a sweet maltiness, while Linkwood™ adds a final touch of finesse.

Blending exclusively with malts produces a rich, powerful whisky, with each one giving its own intense flavor and aromas to create a perfect combination.

With its rich gold amber appearance, this medium-full malt summons up a multiplicity of complex natural aromas. It starts on the seashore and drifts inland over moist moss and through evergreen forest. Then come the exotic notes of orange peel, stewed peaches, cooked black fruits and sour cherry.

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