• Rhum Barbancourt Cuvee 150 Year

Rhum Barbancourt Cuvee 150 Year

Rhum Barbancourt Cuvee 150 Year

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Rhum Barbancourt was launched in Haiti’s Port-au-Prince in 1862, using French expat Dupré Barbancourt’s double-distillation process. Today, the sugar cane is still harvested locally, some even being grown on the distillery grounds. The distillery is proud to produce such high-quality rum, using methods that have been passed down through the generations. Thierry Gardère, Rhum Barbancourt’s fourth-generation owner, keeps the quality alive through the finest ingredients and exceptional dedication.


From their Estate Reserve (aged 15 years), with its long finish and caramelized brown sugar notes, to their 3-Star Rhum (aged 4 years), with its distinct spices and soothing heat, Rhum Barbancourt holds nothing back from dedicated rum connoisseurs around the world. Today, Rhum Barbancourt exports its fine spirits to enthusiasts the world over, and the Cuvee 150 Ans Limited Edition is further proof of their commitment to excellence and their determination to make Haiti proud.