• Cotton & Reed PX Dark Rum

Cotton & Reed PX Dark Rum

Cotton & Reed PX Dark Rum

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Rum from a blend of Louisiana and Brazil molasses:

-75% First Press

-25% Blackstrap

Cane Syrup added after PX barrel finish

Serve with fancy ginger beer, in a Zombie, Junglebird, Airmail, or Old Cuban. Or sip it neat or on the rocks. 

PX Dark is boldly mature. We blend barrel-aged DC rum into casks amply seasoned with famously lush PX sherry, yielding a tot equal parts show pony and workhorse. A finishing dose of molasses ties a sugarcane-scented bow on this already tempting package. PX’s dense dark fruit tangos with grassy molasses atop a firm and spicy oak structure that keeps sweetness in check.

18+ months in new American oak lends intensity to our carefully crafted DC rum. An infusion of fresh rum takes some of the tannic edge off the oaked rum. The blend takes on a luscious dark fruit quality as it finishes in PX sherry seasoned casks. A touch of cane syrup ties a grassy, lightly sweet bow on the whole package.

Tasting Notes

Rich dark & dried fruit. Lush molasses. Firm oak. Light sweetness. 

Technical Info

Yeast: 75% of wash fermented with wild sugarcane yeast, 25% with white wine yeast

First distillation proof: 100° 

First distillation proof: 185°

Filtration: 1.5-5 micron 

Barreling: 18+ months at 140° in New American Oak. Blend of barrels with char levels 3 & 4. 

Blended 1:2 with young rum

Brief finish in wet PX Sherry-seasoned barrels.

Proofing Water: 5ppm RO Water

Sugar Content: 38 g / L, derived from sherry and molasses

40% Alc./Vol.