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Neta Espadin

Neta Espadin

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Under careful management, well-maintained maguey in this type of earth mature at a faster rate than their counterparts, and generally grow large with high sugar contents. Candido remembers when the first Espadín plantlets began to arrive in the region in the early 1980’s. While this maguey may not be endemic to the region, its relatively quick maturation time, ease of reproduction, and high yield has made it a favorite of growers and distillers in Miahuatlán. However, with little regulation and control on a state or federal level, the region has been left with very few organically grown and mature Espadín plants, making a batch of this size and quality something of a rarity these days. It is a treat to be able to offer an Espadín as such, full of Candido’s distinctive sazón. This bottling is composed of a blend of Cándido’s 2016 and 2017 productions all made with agave from the same field.