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Lola Mezcal Joven

Lola Mezcal Joven

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LOLA MEZCAL was created by two friends who, in love with the tastes and romance of Mexico, made a true handcrafted spirit that is not meant to be sipped, but kissed.

It takes seven years for the agave plant to grow before it can be made into mezcal. Lola Mezcal's agaves are grown in a remote farm in the mountains of Oaxaca. To make Lola Mezcal, the best espadín agaves are carefully chosen by the Maestro Mezcalero.  The prickly leaves of the agave are cut off so that all that is left is the large central pinecone-like cores.

LOLA MEZCAL's taste has been carefully crafted - it is intense, flavorful, and aromatic, yet goes down unbelievably smoothly.