• La Benedicion Mezcal Joven

La Benedicion Mezcal Joven

La Benedicion Mezcal Joven

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Town: Santiago Matatlán Oaxaca

Variety of Agave: 100% maguey Sprat

Alcoholic Graduation: 40% Alc. Vol.

Elaboration Process: Handcrafted 100%

Baking: Conical ground stone oven

Grinding: Horse-drawn stone

Fermentation: Sabino wood

Distillation: Copper Alembic

TASTING NOTES: Very light smoked flavor and citrus notes. Given its softness, it can be tasted neat or in cocktail. It goes especially well with seasonal citrus fruits such as orange, lime and mandarin as well as with pineapple juice, cucumber water and piquín chili.