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Midori Melon

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Midori Melon 

MIDORI is Japanese for "green." It’s not Spanish, not Italian — just Japanese.

"MIDORI" is not just any green, though. The dictionary definition is "verdant, green, emerald," as in verdant nature, the green of fresh fruit — or the glittering emerald of a bottle of MIDORI.

One more definition of MIDORI, not in the dictionary.

We use premium melon mainly from Yubari, Japan's melon Mecca. Yubari melons account for just one percent of melon production in Japan.

They only flourish in Yubari, where conditions are just right. They’re the hardest type of melon to grow. Growers have to monitor the melons carefully, as though they were their own children, and harvest them on exactly the right day to capture their fabled sweetness, but they're cuts above the rest.

MIDORI really is one of the most versatile liqueurs.

We use real melons for MIDORI’s base, but its taste is something different and special.

First, we make the raw liqueur that is the very essence of MIDORI, using the best method for the specific type of melon. We then combine the raw liqueur with other fragrant ingredients using Suntory’s exclusive blending techniques.

The taste is more than just melon, it’s uniquely MIDORI.

We strive to make the highest quality products, always. No shortcuts, no compromises.

-From the producer