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Hum Botanical Spirit

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hum is a 70 proof spirit. hum & Soda is the new, delicious 'Vodka Soda,' the reinvented 'Gin & Tonic' and the natural 'Rum & Coke'. hum has been called "seductive" and "lap-up luscious" by the most important spirits critic in the US and a "mixologist's staple" by the Beverage Testing Institute.

hum has a striking crimson red color from fair trade hibiscus, a peppery kick from organic ginger, heady aromatics from cardamom and the intoxicating fragrance of kaffir lime. This unparalleled spirit ironically tastes like the boldest "red wine" you could ever imagine.

hum is technically a "liqueur," however, it cannot be compared to traditional liqueurs with which most consumers are familiar. At a bold 70 proof, hum was created as a base spirit (like Rum, Tequila, Scotch). We consider hum to be in a category of its own as there is nothing else like it on the market in that it is strong enough to stand alone, but also has the versatility to blend with every other base spirit, wine, champagne and beer!

hum is created by soaking four incredibly rich botanicals (cold tea maceration) in our hand-crafted, pot still rhum AFTER distillation and is then bottled unfiltered in order to help retain the full flavors and properties of the botanicals (which contain antioxidants, vitamin C, and digestives).

hum is best enjoyed on the rocks or with a splash of soda and lime or your favorite cola. Enjoy it tall with tonic, ginger ale or lemon/lime or citrus soda. Add hum to your favorite beer or sparkling wine. Replace sweet vermouth or orange liqueur with hum to kick up the classic Negroni, Manhattan or Margarita. Shake it with sour mix to make an incredible Martini. Brew your favorite tea, add hum and seasonal produce and make a killer Punch. Cook with hum like you would with brandy. Then, end your evening with your favorite ice cream drizzled with hum. The applications are only limited by your imagination.

Tasting notes

Floral Note:                                Fair Trade Hibiscus
Warmth and Spice:                  Ginger Root
Heady Spice Note:                    Green Cardamom
Top Citrus Note:                       Kaffir Lime

-From the producer