• Battle Standard 142 Gin

Battle Standard 142 Gin

Battle Standard 142 Gin

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The Battle Standard 142 Standard Strength Gin gets its name from our founders’ alma mater, the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA). 142 Cadet/Midshipmen from the USMMA lost their lives during World War II serving their country. USMMA is the only of the fi ve federal academies authorized to fl y a Battle Standard in memory of those brave men who made the ultimate sacrifi ce. Battle Standard 142 Gin starts out from a grain neutral spirit base and is redistilled with eight botanicals to yield a delicious and unique tasting product that appeals to both gin lovers and nonlovers alike. This gin has a great juniper base with outstanding fl oral notes which makes it perfect for a gin and tonic with a slice of cucumber or lime, or in a Classic Martini with a small spray of Dry Vermouth and Olives.