• Cognac Tesseron - X.O Passion

Cognac Tesseron - X.O Passion

Cognac Tesseron - X.O Passion

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This special limited-edition Cognac is made up of the 88 finest Grande Champagne blends that make up a special Paradis at the Tesseron family home. The blends are stored in 8 demijohns, 25 liter heavy glass flagons that preserve old cognac eaux-de-vies that have attained optimum maturity. These cognacs have been blended from Grande Champagne grapes with the base being from 1898. Only 286 bottles were produced. XO Passion is made from around thirty eaux-de-vies, selected specifically for their elegance and floral qualities. The eaux-de-vies were all made from Ugni Blanc, and aged at least ten years in Limousin oak barrels.