• Cognac Tesseron - Royal Blend

Cognac Tesseron - Royal Blend

Cognac Tesseron - Royal Blend

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Tesseron Royal Blend is a selection of some 50 Grande Champagne Cognacs, chosen from the Tesseron's own historic private collection for their exceptional fruity and floral aromas. In fact, the Tesseron family owns some of the oldest and finest stocks of Grande Champagne Cognac in the world. Tesseron Royal Blend spends the first two months in new barrels of fine Limousin oak. It then ages for more than 50 years in oak "tierçons", which are the very oldest and most precious barrels, used for only the rarest cognacs. This ancient and extraordinary blend, the product of two generations of the Tesseron family, is bottled in hand-blown glass demi-johns, especially commissioned from a French master glassblower are faithful replicas of the ones found in the family's treasured Paradis, a fitting home for this most magnificent cognac.