• High West Silver Bourbon

High West Silver Bourbon

High West Silver Bourbon

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High West Silver Bourbon


High West SILVER™; is remarkably versatile. Neat, on the rocks, in a classic cocktail, or wherever you’d use another “clear” spirit. Try an Old Fashioned-Old Fashioned, a Clementine, or a Silver Manhattan.

Tequila and rum both have their Blanco and anejo, why can’t whiskey? All spirits are born clear and turn brown after aging in a barrel. High West SILVER™; spent all of 5 minutes in a barrel to minimize the barrel’s influence on the taste of the native spirit. We call ours SILVER™; because we distill it in old town Park City, one of the west’s richest silver mining towns. High West SILVER™ is a lot smoother and more elegant than other “white” whiskeys...often called moonshine, because we use the best ingredients and exact science to distill the elegance from the grain and separate those awful flavors you can get in other white whiskies.

Our Silver whiskey is classified as a “light whiskey” by the TTB, meaning it was distilled at greater than 160 proof and less than 190 proof; We cut the “tails” of this whiskey at 176 proof, when the fusel oils begin to show up.  Fusel oils can taste like Band-Aids and we figured you’d appreciate us taking that out! We also “proof” the whiskey down with our high mineral content water - mainly because it tastes pretty good.

-From the producer