• McClintock Maryland Heritage White Whiskey

McClintock Maryland Heritage White Whiskey

McClintock Maryland Heritage White Whiskey

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Maryland Heritage White Whiskey comes from a historically derived rye heavy mash bill from pre-prohibition Western Maryland distilleries. Aged in house for 24 hours in an oak barrel, this whiskey has the flavor of a strong rye without the woody charcoal elements of barrel aging. 

Though not YET well recognized, McClintock Young was a renowned inventor in the 1800’s whose inspirations shaped history far beyond the borders of his home town of Frederick.  Born in 1836, McClintock moved to Frederick as a young man to follow his passion for innovation. His vision and influence on history were extraordinary, but their impact would have been lost to time had it not been for a fortuitous discovery a few years ago.   In the foothills above Frederick stands an old stone cabin whose contents and history had been locked away for generations.   As fate would have it, stewardship for the cabin was passed down to one of the owners of this company, and upon its opening, McClintock’s spirit was released. Some say we chose his namesake for the company.  We believe his spirit chose us.

McClintock Young’s incredible story will be integral to the products and experiences of the distillery.  His passion and spirit of innovation will be found in all of our products, from our major brands, to limited release batches that you can look forward to in the future. McClintock had a vision of a flourishing city center as a hub for manufacturing, commerce and culture. McClintock Distilling shares this vision and strives to follow in McClintock's footsteps and develop our company with the people and culture of Frederick City.

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