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Amaro di Angostura

Amaro di Angostura

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Blending is an art that the House of Angostura has mastered during its 190 year history in producing the finest award winning bitters and rums. Angostura’s blenders are experts who have developed closely guarded recipes. They are passionate about innovation — always working toward better techniques. Amaro di Angostura is their latest achievement — it is truly one-of-a-kind, with a signature approach — unmistakeably from the House of Angostura.

The blenders combined Angostura aromatic bitters with some neutral spirit and added more spices…until a magnificent herbal liqueur was created – the spirit, spices and bitter herbs were mixed and then left to marry for 3 months. It is the patience and skill of the blenders that makes this herbal liqueur – exotic, fun and seductive.