• Sabra Chocolate Orange Liqueur

Sabra Chocolate Orange Liqueur

Sabra Chocolate Orange Liqueur

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Sabra Chocolate Orange Liqueur  

Tasting Notes - Chocolate orange combines the sweetness of chocolate, much loved by the sweet-toothed Israelis and the bitterness from the zest of orange peel. Jaffa oranges, became an early symbol of Israel’s citrus industry. The combination of chocolate and orange was originally used in cooking by Sephardi Jews from Spain.

The chocolate flavor is from a percolation of neutral spirit through ground roasted cocoa beans. The orange flavor is added by a maceration of Israeli grown Kumquats.

Sweet chocolate liqueur with a backdrop of orange. The orange provides a hint of subtlety in contrast to the broader chocolate taste. The orange is more noticeable on the nose, whilst the chocolate comes to the fore in the mouth. Each flavor retains its character while blending harmoniously with the other

Best Enjoyed - As an after dinner liqueur; Ideal chilled or with ice; The perfect ‘gift from Israel’; Also good for cooking & cocktails or with coffee. Excellent poured over ice cream