• Blackthorn Cider 4 Pack Cans

Blackthorn Cider 4 Pack Cans

Blackthorn Cider 4 Pack Cans

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Blackthorn Cider  

One of the country’s best known and widely drunk ciders, it’s heart is in the West Country where it’s affectionately known as ‘Thorn’. Exactly why it’s called Blackthorn is shrouded in mystery.

Only cider apples are used in the making of Blackthorn. We think using cider apples help make the best tasting cider. They have the right balance of sugar and tannins to create the best flavour.
We use a good number of ‘Bittersweet’ cider apples in our blend. Bittersweet cider apples have low acid levels and high tannins – the perfect combination for the crisp dry taste of Blackthorn.

As tastes have changed Blackthorn has become a little less dry in taste. However we still press English bittersweet cider apples to deliver its distinctive crispness.

4.7% ABV

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